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MonaLisa Touch Patient Success Story

MonaLisa Touch at Arizona Women’s Care

Patient Spotlight on Success:

Rhonda, a long time patient of Arizona Women’s Care didn’t think vaginal atrophy would ever be a problem for her.

She wasn’t even familiar with the term “vaginal atrophy” until she was diagnosed with it one year after her last period. From then on the onset of menopause meant vaginal dryness, painful intercourse, frequent infections and several visits to her OB/GYN to find a solution.

She tried Estrace, Vagifem and different lubricants but comfort and pleasure during intimacy remained elusive, and the problem was getting worse not better. It was also becoming more and more difficult to hide her increasing pain from her patient husband.

So when Rhonda’s physician, Dr. Castilla, introduced her to the possibility of relief through a simple in office procedure called the MonaLisa Touch, she was very interested and agreed to try this new technology. Rhonda became one of the first patients in the valley to be treated with the MonaLisa Touch in June 2015.

Almost immediately after her 1st treatment her moisture levels improved and after her 2nd treatment Rhonda said her body “felt 30 years younger” during intercourse! Previously, she was forced to imagine a life without intimacy, suffering with the painful symptoms of vaginal atrophy, but now at 62, she couldn’t be more grateful for her significant improvements and the priceless restoration of her quality of life with her loving husband.

After 8 months Rhonda is still reaping the benefits from this brilliant laser technology and enjoying her intimate relationship with her husband.

Rhonda highly recommends the MonaLisa Touch procedure and the tremendous care and customer service at Arizona Women’s Care. Well worth the price, she believes MonaLisa touch is a “big win” for women everywhere and an incredible tool for ensuring and restoring vaginal health at any age.

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